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Nikola Tesla Pages 
Tesla-Related Discussion Lists 
Solid-State Tesla Coils 
Wireless Telecommunications & Broadcasting 
History of Wireless Telecommunications 
Wireless Remote Control & Autonomous Systems 
AC Power Systems and Electric Lighting 
Tesla Turbomachinery 
Tributes to Tesla 

Nikola Tesla Pages (see also Nikola Tesla (1856 - 1943)
Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe — Seeking to develop Wardenclyffe as a science and technology center and museum.
The Tesla Wardenclyffe Project — Working to preserve Nikola Tesla's historic Long Island laboratory building.
The First Tesla Museum and Science Center Conference on Nikola Tesla 
The Tesla Memorial Society honors and perpetuates the memory and ideals of Nikola Tesla.
The Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade contains the whole of Nikola Tesla's inheritance.  (Original site)
The Tesla Society of New York honors and perpetuates the memory and ideals of Nikola Tesla.
Tesla Society Switzerland 
Tesla Historical Society 
The Telluride Tech Festival July 30-31, 2010 in Telluride, Colorado; Wired Review
     Laura Carlson speaks with Scott Brown about TechFest and his efforts to restore Telluride's 
     first commercial building powered by AC electricity located in Telluride. Listen Now  

Tesla  Master of Lightning — a multi-media project about the life and legacy of Nikola Tesla.
Tesla Technology Research — Tesla coil systems, by Bill Wysock
Nikola Tesla & Tesla coils and Science Hobbyist, by Bill Beaty
Erased at the Smithsonian, by John Wagner 
Tesla Coils & Quarter Shrinking, links and TC resources, by Bert Hickman
Magnetricity, by Rex Hebert
PV Scientific Instruments — Tesla Reprints — Contemporary research on Tesla's work by Corum & Associates.
Classic Tesla, by Bart Anderson and library, by John Cooper
Nikola Tesla Tribute page, by Richard Pate
Nikola Tesla Images, Resources and Links, by Randy Hiatt
Tesla Coil Video Clips, Pictures & Construction Details and links, by Luke Mester
Weasel's Tesla Coil page and links, by John Morawa
Integrity Research Institute and links — emerging energy and transportation inventions, by Tom Valone
Nikola Tesla on Anthroposophie, by Wolfgang Peter
Nikola Tesla, the World's Greatest Inventor, Links Page — by Celebrity Websites, e-mail
Tesla Technology for the 21st Century, by Justin Daily
Virtual Theater, by Mark Bean
Tesla Related Links from Sweden  
Tesla's Legacy Electrifies Engineers & Tesla in BusinessEE Times Online articles, by Larry Lange
Tesla website and bookstore, by Phil Hamilton (down)
Tesla Coil Madness, links and books (down)
Bogdan Kosanovich's tribute to Nikola Tesla [Object Not Found] 
Web Alors!  
Adventures in Cybersound Tesla bio, and index, N - Z 
The Wikipedia Encyclopedia on TeslaCategory: Nikola Tesla 
Tesla-Related Discussion Lists
Tesla Universe, by Cameron Prince — discussion of Tesla's engineering legacy the modern age.
Wireless Energy Transmission forum for discussion of ongoing Tesla wireless system research.
The Tesla Coil Mailing List
& Archives, by Chip Atkinson — e-mail listserv for Tesla coil hobbyists.
HV Community by Chris Russell — forum for discussion of all high-voltage related topics.
Tesla Coil Builders of the UK (TCBOUK) — a group of individuals sharing a common interest in Tesla coils
USA-tesla — discussion of Tesla history and inventions; the physics of Tesla altered.
The Geek Group Forum 
Google: All groups > USENET > sci > physics ; alt . fan . nikola-tesla 

Solid-State Tesla Coils (see also The Tesla Coil)
Steve Ward's Solid State Tesla Coils
RayeR's Solid State Tesla Coils 
Derek Woodroffe's Solid State Tesla Coils
Steve Conner's Solid State Tesla Coils
Jimmy Hynes' Solid State Tesla Coils
Dan McCauley's Solid State Tesla Coils
Solid State Tesla Coil by Gary Johnson 
Solid-State Tesla Coil WebRing
The Double Resonant Solid State Tesla Coil (DRSSTC) & Links
Terry Fritz's DRSSTC
Jason Judd's DRSSTC
Jan Wagner's SSTC links 
Richie Burnett's Driver Circuit Theory 
Alan Sharp's New SSTC
Don Klipstein's SSTCs 
Chris Hill's Solid-State Tesla Magnifier & links  
Tjaco's Improved SSTC
Carl Willis' SSTC 
John Freau's SSTC 
Marco Denicolai's DC Tesla Coil  
Chris Swinson's SSTC 
Solid State Tesla Coil/High Voltage Generator  
Power Supply for Miniature Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer  
Coil Corner, Sheppard-Taylor SSTC Driver   
Pulse Width Modulation Signal Generators  
74HC/HCT4060; 14-stage binary ripple counter with oscillator (.pdf) 
Suggestion for an SSTC Based Upon the IR2153D Self-Oscillating Half Bridge Driver Chip

Wireless Telecommunications & Broadcasting more, (see also Amateur Radio)
Who's Who of Wireless Pioneers
Tesla Radio : A Ground-based System for Global Wireless Transmission 
Low Frequency Wireless Pages — LF telecommunications and shared frequency allocation links
Software Defined Radio 
The Xtal Set Society 
Interplanetary Internet Project — A study to design a deep space communications network protocol.
U.S. Frequency Allocation Chart — RF spectrum allocations to radio services operated within the U.S.
Radio Magazine 
National Association of Broadcasters 
CGC Communicator — published for broadcast professionals by Communications General— Corporation.
International Broadcasting Bureau, Remote Monitoring Systems and an Interference-Reducing Antenna 
Powerline Carrier Systems (pdf)
Power Company Experimenting with "Wired Wireless," Telephony, September 11, 1920, page 22
Giving the Public a Light-Socket Broadcasting Service," Radio Broadcast, October, 1923, pages 465-470
Radiotelephony and Wire Systems," Telephony, January 7, 1922, pages 20-21

History of Wireless Telecommunications
Nikola Tesla's Priority In the Invention of Radio 
Misreading and Rereading the Supreme Court: Tesla's Invention of Radio
The Antique Wireless Association — On the history of electrical and electronic communications.
Long Island Wireless Historical Society
United States Early Radio History by Thomas H. White
"Wireless Telegraphy," Scientific American, June 19, 1897, page 386.
"Talking With The Planets," Nikola Tesla, Collier's Weekly, February 19, 1901, pages 4-5.
"The New Wizard of the West," Chauncey Montgomery M'Govern, Pearson's Magazine, May 1899 
Wireless Telegraphy and Telephony Simply Explained, Alfred P. Morgan, 1912, pages 143-148.
"U. S. Blows Up Tesla Radio Tower," The Electrical Experimenter, September, 1917, page 293.
History of Communications-Electronics in the United States Navy, Capt. Linwood S. Howeth, USN (Ret.).
Recommendations for Regulation of Radio Adopted by the Third National Radio Conference, October 6-10, 1924
W2IR — Schenectady Museum Amateur Radio Association (SMARA)  
George H. Clark Radioana Collection an extensive assemblage on the history of wireless and radio.
The Broadcast Archive and Historical materials on both pioneer and current broadcast radio stations.

Wireless Remote Control & Autonomous Systems (more)
Environmental Research Aircraft and Sensor Technology project (ERAST), a joint NASA-industry initiative to develop and demonstrate aeronautical technologies that could lead to a family of remotely or autonomously operated UAVs to carry out long-duration Earth science and environmental missions at high altitudes.
NASA's Helios Prototype Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle, a solar-powered ultra light flying wing.
NASA Mars Pathfinder Lander and Sojourner Rover, an entry, descent and landing system plus a robotic vehicle.
NASA K9 rover, a test bed for new technology in preparation for future missions to Mars.
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, history, current technology, and future prospects in the military arena.
U.S. Unmanned Military Aerospace Vehicles, Missiles, Drones, UAVs, Rockets, . . . Satellites.
Autonomous Precision Guided Weapons, a discussion about the use of unmanned weapons systems.
Surgical Strikes: Ideological Weaponry, on the ethics of high technology 'surgical strike' mechanisms.
Weapons of Precise Destruction, a Technology Review article on "snipers in the sky."
CNN Student News Discussion/Activity: Learn about precision-guided weapons 
Remotely Piloted, Uninhabited Robotic Vehicles Pages 

AC Power Systems and Electric Lighting
National Electric Light Association 
History of the Electric Power Industry
Shifting Boundaries and Social Construction in the Early Electricity Industry, 1878-1915 
Electric Charges: The Social Construction of Rate Systems — Background information on the NELA and AEIC. 
A Historical Review Cable Engineering Committee, 1924 - 1998 
The Social Construction of Industry: Electricity in the United States, 1880-1925 
Global Strategies and National Performance Explaining the Singularities of the Spanish Electricity Supply Industry, pdf version 
Power Systems Engineering Research Center (PSerc) 
Power Systems Engineering Committee of IEEE-IAS, I&CPSD 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Links 
Electrical Construction & Maintenance, 2003 Event Calendar (.pdf) 
Tesla Power Plant Project
George Westinghouse 1846 - 1914, e-mail 
Thomas Edison 1847-1931, His Life and Inventions 
Samuel Insull, 1859-1938 
Charles F. Scott, 1864-1944 
Elihu Thomson, 1865-1944 
IEEE History Center 
Lionel Barthold 
The Brush-Swan Incandescent Lamp 
The GE Fluorescent Lamp Pioneers 
Early Incandescent Lamps 
Global Energy Network Institute 
Right Angle Circuitry or AC Electronics for Alien Minds 

Energy [more]
Hot Dry Rock Geothermal Energy Technology (petrothermal) was recognized by Nikola Tesla as having excellent potential for producing abundant AC power.  "It is a well-known fact that the interior portions of the globe are very hot, the temperature rising, as observations show, with the approach to the center at the rate of approximately 1— C. for every hundred feet of depth."

Tesla Turbomachinery [more]
Tesla turbine -- From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Tesla Turbomachinery, Warren Rice

Tributes to Tesla
Ernst F.W. Alexanderson:
    "In almost every step of progress in electrical power engineering, as well as in radio, we can trace the spark of thought back to Nikola Tesla.  There are few indeed who in their lifetime see realization of such a far-flung imagination."  "We think of his contribution much oftener than that of Ampere and Ohm . . . the induction motor and our power system are enduring monuments to Nikola Tesla." (See also)

Edwin H. Armstrong:
"During wartime there was much research under way toward reducing the Tesla concept of the guided weapon in various laboratories. . . . So far as I know, the credit for the concept rests entirely with him."

Bernard A. Behrend:
"Were we to seize and eliminate from our industrial world the results of Mr. Tesla—s work, the wheels of industry would cease to turn, our electric cars and trains would stop, our towns would be dark, our mills would be dead and idle. . . . His name marks an epoch in the advance of electrical science.  From that work has sprung a revolution."

Louis Cohen:
"In reading Tesla's work one is constantly struck by his many suggestions which have anticipated later developments in the radio art."

Gano Dunn
"Prolific inventor, who solved the greatest problem in electrical engineering of his time, and gave to the world the polyphase motor and system of distribution, revolutionizing the power art and founding its phenomenal development.  My contact as your assistant at the historic Columbia University high frequency lecture and afterward has left an indelible impression and inspiration which has influenced my life." 

W. H. Eccles 
"Throughout his long life of eighty-five years, Tesla seldom directed attention to his own successes, never wrote up again his old work, and rarely claimed priority though continually pirated. Such reserve is especially striking in a mind so rich in creative thought, so competent in practical achievement." (See also)

A. P. M. Fleming 
"We pay grateful homage to his genius which has greatly enriched our knowledge of electrical science, and his inventions -- so lavishly produced -- which have added so greatly to the amenities and the material progress of mankind."  (See also)

Lee de Forest:
"If I could be any other man I would be Nikola Tesla."

Charles F. Scott:
"The evolution of electric power from the discovery of Faraday in 1831 to the initial great installation of the Tesla polyphase system in 1896 is undoubtedly the most tremendous event in all engineering history."

Lord Kelvin (William Thomson)
"Tesla has contributed more to electrical science than any man up to his time."

Thomas Commerford Martin:
"Tesla's influence may truly be said to have marked an epoch in the progress of electrical science."
Nikola Tesla, by T.C. Martin, pp. 582-586
Tesla's Oscillator and other Inventions, by T.C. Martin, pp. 916-933

John Stone Stone:
". . . the more we learn about high frequency phenomena, resonance and radiation today, the nearer we find ourselves approaching what we at one time were inclined, through a species of intellectual myopia, to regard as the fascinating but fantastical speculations of a man who we are now compelled . . . to admit was a prophet."

Kenneth Swezey:
"Although practically unknown to the layman, the Tesla polyphase inventions are without question, the most important single group of inventions in the whole field of electrical engineering."

Jonathan Zenneck:
"[ Tesla's] lectures opened a new physical world to me. . . . one of the kindest men I've ever encountered.  The hours which I was permitted to spend together with [him] will always be among the fondest memories of my life."

In Tesla's Laboratory, a poem by Robert Underwood Johnson, pp. 933

What Is Man?, an essay by Samuel Langhorne Clemens

The Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century—how many of these will you use today? A car? Computer? Telephone? Explore this list of the top 20 achievements, and learn how engineering shaped a century and changed the world.  First on the list is Electrification.  Widespread use of electric power has been one of the greatest sources of social change in the 20th century.  Radio and television are listed at number six as additional major agents of social change.  [Nikola Tesla was a founding pioneer in both of these fields.]
     "A century hence, 2000 may be viewed as quite a primitive period in human history.  It's something to hope for."  Neil A. Armstrong, The Engineered Century 

The Tesla Chronology  



Tesla Coil Ring


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