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Nikola Tesla (1856 - 1943) 
The Tesla Coil 
Ball Lightning 
Electromagnetic Field Theory 
Tesla Turbomachinery and Mechanical Oscillators 
Various Tesla-Related Pages 
Tesla-Related Books and Articles 
Directories, Search Engines, etc., Including Tesla 
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Nikola Tesla (1856 - 1943) 
Nikola Tesla (1856 - 1943), — Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, IEEE Nikola Tesla Award 
Tesla, Nikola (1856 - 1943) — Science World
Nikola Tesla (1856 - 1943), links — Pioneers
Nikola Tesla Chronology 
Nikola Tesla (1856 - 1943), links, TWP Photos link 
Tesla, Nikola (b 1856, Austro-Hungary, d. 1943, New York), Nikola Tesla — 
Nikola Tesla (July 10, 1856 - January 7, 1943)
 — Wikipedia
Nikola Tesla (July 10, 1856 - January 7, 1943) — Fact Index
Nikola Tesla (July 10, 1856 - January 7, 1943) 
Nikola Tesla 
Tesla - The Man Who Invented AC by Harry Goldman, editor of the TCBA NEWS (back-issues).
Nikola Tesla — BBC, h2g2 
Violet Fire — a multimedia opera about the pioneering inventor Nikola Tesla, links, NPR audio commentary 
Talk of the Nation, Strange Scientists — Interview with author Cliff Pickover 
Nikola Tesla 1856-1943 — Amateur Cat Films
The Enigma of Nikola Tesla, .pdf by Thomas Lee Kelley
Nikola Tesla — Engines of Our Ingenuity by John H. H. Lienhard
Nikola Tesla (w/ photos) by Eugenii Katz 
Tesla by Pamela E. Mack
Science Hero: Nikola Tesla by Katie Cowen
Nikola Tesla, after Apple's "Think Different Campaign"
Nikola Tesla — National Inventors Hall of Fame / Inventure Place
Nikola Tesla — "A Small Introduction"
Spark of genius / The Lost Prophet of Electrical Science 
Super Scientists Nikola Tesla (1856 - 1943), Contact 
Nikola Tesla: The Genius Who Lit The World — a Freshman Seminar at the University of California at Berkeley.
Nikola Tesla; Nikola Tesla (1), Nikola Tesla (2); HISTORY OF PHYSICS — M.I.T. (broken links) 
Nikola Tesla - Smiljan (Croatia), 1856 - New York, 1943 
Who Was the Real Dr. Nikola Tesla? (.pdf), html, by W.C. Wysock, J.F. Corum, J.M. Hardesty and K.L. Corum
Nikola Tesla in French 
Adresses de librairies — ENERGIE - Des solutions pour produire sans d—truire l'environnement
Nikola Tesla in German, e-mail
Nikola Tesla Forgotten Genius and links — Tesla biographical information in German. 
Nicola Tesla Biography and links in German
Nikola Tesla (in German) *
Television Poland, Director Maciej Trojanowski — Tesla website in Polish.
Nikola Tesla - Smrt— to nekon藠

The Tesla Coil
"Multiple Resonances in RF Coils and the Failure of Lumped Inductance Models" by K.L. Corum, P.V. Pesavento, J.F. Corum.
"Tesla Coils and the Failure of Lumped-Element Circuit Theory" by Kenneth and James Corum.
"RF Coils, Helical Resonators and Voltage Magnification by Coherent Spatial Modes" by Kenneth and James Corum.
National Electrodynamics, LLC
Resonance Research Corporation, D.C. Cox
Lightning On Demand page and Nevada Lightning Lab, Greg Leyh, et al
kVA Effects, Brian Basura, Jeff Parisse, et al
High Voltage Special Effects, Michael Rifa
Sidac/IGBT Spark Gap" (SISG) Tesla coil pages, Mark Dunn
Solid state Tesla coil and links, Richie Burnett
Hammer's Tesla Pages
, the Multi-Mini Capacitor (MMC), and links 
Tesla Coil page, the Multi-Mini Capacitor, and links, Steve Conner
Tesla Coil Designer, Walt Noon
Tesla Coil, Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics, and links
Tesla Coil, Glasgow University
"High Voltage Experimenter's Handbook" by Jim Lux
"Practical Magnifier Construction Principles" by Richard Hull
"Back to the Future (How Did Tesla Do It?)" by Richard Hull
High Energy Amateur Science Conference, Richard Hull
High Voltage Press — by George Trinkaus
"The 'real' science of 'non-Hertzian' waves" by Paul Nicholson [This piece is in need of revision.  For one thing, it does not consider the electrical conductivity of plasma.]

Museum of Electricity - Tesla Zone, Charles Brush 
Tesla Systems Research by Terry Fritz (mirror site)
Tesla Coils and Their Construction by Bert Pool
Greg's Garage Tesla Coil Site w/ Glossary by Gregory R. Hunter
Tesla Coil Page and links by Mike Hammer
Tesla Secondary Simulation Project 
Designing a Tesla Magnifier and links by Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz
John's Tesla Coil Homepage 
Tesla Coil Builders of the UK 
Cajun Coiler by Christopher Mayeux
Tesla Coil Builder Resource Web by Dave Thompson
Making Your Own Tesla Coil by Christoph Baumann
Will Payne's Tesla links 

Alan Sharp's Tesla Coiling Site, the Multi-Mini Capacitor (MMC) (page cannot be found)
SCR (Thyristor) driven solid-state coil (broken)
Computer-aided Design of Tesla Coils — by Toby Grotz; index (broken)

Nevada Lightning Wireless Power Study (web page removed)
Tesla's Vision of a Global Wireless System, Ljiljana Trajković
Nikola Tesla's Wireless Systems, by Andrι Waser
Wireless Tesla Transponder : Field-physical basis for electrically coupled bidirectional far range transponders according to the invention of Nikola Tesla, by Prof. Dr. Konstantin Meyl, Furtwangen University, Germany
Tesla Radiation, The Wireless Transmission of Scalar Waves, (in German) English version, Konstantin Meyl 
Elektrische Skalarwellen - Review zum Meyl'schen Experiment, (Electric Scalar Waves — Review to Meyl—s Experiment) Andr— Waser
"R.W. Pohl's constantly moving em waves - a basis for K. Meyl's ''New and Dual Field Approach'' of electrodynamics?" by G.W. Bruhn, Darmstadt University of Technology 
"On the Existence of K. Meyl—s Scalar Waves" by Gerhard W. Bruhn, Darmstadt University of Technology, Department of Mathematics
"Can Longitudinal Electromagnetic Waves Exist?" by Gerhard W. Bruhn, Darmstadt University of Technology, Department of Mathematics
The Power that Made Radio Realistic 
Increasing antenna gain with broadband reception 
The Black-Hole Antenna, Sutton, Spaniol
'Energy Sucking' Radio Antennas, Bill Beaty
U.S. Patent No. 5,296,866, "Active Antenna" .pdf, John F. Sutton, 1991
U.S. Patent No. 5,486,833 "Active signalling systems" Terence Barrett, 1993
U.S. Patent No. 5,493,691, "Oscillator-shuttle-circuit (OSC) networks for conditioning energy . . ." Terence Barrett, 1996
How a Photon Is Created or Absorbed
Gieskieng Antenna, An Antenna With Anomalous Radiation Properties, Harold Aspden, 1987, 1998
Crossed-field Antenna, Maurice Hately & Fathl Kabbary, 1995
EH Antenna EH Antenna 
"High Temperature Superconductivity and Superconducting Antennas" by Dr. E.C. Jones.
Isotron Antennas - Low Profile Limited and Restricted Space Antennas for HF — Bilal Company 
'Resonate' coil project
U.S. Patent No. 6,025,810, "Hyper-light-speed antenna"  
Experimental Evidence of Near-Field Superluminally Propagating Electromagnetic Fields .pdf
Infinite Velocity and Faster Than Light Phenomena  
Faster-Than-Light Data Transmission Lines 
Electromagnetic Surface Waves by David Reiss.  The special case of a top-loaded helical resonator at the interface of a spherical conducting half-space and insulating half-space at frequencies below 35 kHz is not considered.
Zenneck's EM surface wave by David Reiss.  
—ther Wire & Location, Inc. 

Electrical Oscillations and Wireless Telegraphy by Ferdinand Braun — Nobel Lecture
Wireless Telegraphic Communication by Guglielmo Marconi — Nobel Lecture  
Dutch Archive True Wireless  
Paul's Radio Museum, links 
Resonant Antennas from Terk and Select-a-tenna
Antenna Measurement Techniques Association (AMTA)
Nikola Tesla's Work in Colorado — Invited Paper by William C. Wysock of Aerospace Corp . . .
Introduction to Wave Propagation, Transmission Lines, and Antennas — Naval Electrical Engineering Training Series  
Antenna Basics 
Antenna Theory 
The Poynting Vector 
The Poynting vector, power transmission, and the CFA. 
Who's Who of Wireless Pioneers 

Ball Lightning
James Thompson, "The Seasons" (1727)
Tesla's Production of Electric Fireballs, by Kenneth and James Corum
Ball Lightning Testimonials, by Bill Beaty
130 Ball Lightning Links
Ball Lightning Articles Bibliography, by Barry Greenwood
Bob Golka Laboratory-produced ball lightning, abstract
Article following the 4th International Conference on Ball Lightning
Report on the 4th International Conference on Ball Lightning
Article following the 5th International Symposium on Ball Lightning
Report on the 6th International Symposium on Ball Lightning, by Geert Dijkhuis
Announcement, 7th International Symposium on Ball Lightning  
Ball Lightning by Frank Znidarsic
Plasma, Ball Lightning, MHD, OAUGDP 
Chukanov Quantum Energy, LLC, Ball Lightning 

Electromagnetic Field Theory
Electromagnetic Field Theory, Bo Thid—
A Generalisation of Classical Electrodynamics, Koen J. van Vlaenderen

Tesla Turbomachinery and Mechanical Oscillators
Tesla Wardenclyffe Project Archives 
Tesla Engine Builders Association, Jeff Hayes
    — TEBA R&D Tesla Turbine 
    — TEBA News Contents 
Phoenix Turbine Builders Club, Ken Rieli
Phoenix Navigation & Guidance Inc., Ken Reili
The Tesla Disk Turbine and Pump, Frank Germano
Steve Redmond's Tesla Turbine 
Lars Persson's Tesla Turbomachinery 
Dan White's Tesla Turbine Plans and Concepts 
The Tesla Boundary-Layer Turbine 
Tesla Turbine — Bladeless Boundary Disc (Directory) 
Tesla Turbomachinery (please update your links) e-mail 
Nikola Tesla Books, Info & Turbine-related Patents 
"Improved Process of and Apparatus for Production of High Vacua
"Improvements in the Construction of Steam and Gas Turbines
"The Tesla Turbine," E. F. Stearns, Popular Mechanics Magazine, December 1911
"The Tesla Turbine," R. Hedin: Live Steam (Nov. 1984) 
"Tesla Turbomachinery," Warren Rice, Proc. IV International Nikola Tesla Symposium (Sept. 23-25, 1991)
A Qualitative Analysis of the Tesla Turbomachine and Index, by Glenn A. Barlis  
The Tesla Disk Turbine  
Tesla Turbine Pump  
Discflo Tesla Turbine Pump 
Nikola Tesla: Mechanical Oscillator 

Various Tesla-Related Pages 
Laser Power Tesla Turbine 
Brilliant! The Blinding Enlightenment of Nikola Tesla — a Tesla play by by Kim Collier, David Hudgins, Kevin Kerr
& Jonathon Young
Three Unusual Scientists: John Keely, Nikola Tesla, Walter Russell — Three One-Act Plays by Martha Keltz
Tesla Electric, Archive, a play  
"Nikola Tesla" - Postmodern Opera 
Tesla Electric by David G. Fraser,  e-mail Mark Reaney
Theater of Electricity, Museum of Science, Boston 
Newsday — A Battle Over the Air Waves
Long Island History Tesla Bio, L.I. History home page
Cybraries Nikola Tesla links,  The Collaboratory — links
Hist 122 Review — links
Boston Latin School - Links to physical science resources, e-mail — links
FBI Papers — General information about the electrical inventor Nikola Tesla. . . .
Nikola Tesla Pages and links, Peter Papadopoulos  
San Francisco Tesla Society promoting the advancement and greater public awareness of science.
Thomas Edison vs. Nikola Tesla, Ariel Amir
Nikola Tesla at  
Tesla the Band, their Nikola Tesla pages, and links 
Tesla — Croatian links page, in English
Serbian Unity Congress, Nikola Tesla Day 
Tesla, Wizard of Electricity by R.W. Kennedy 
TeslaCo and Nikola Tesla  — A manufacturer of switched-mode power supplies
EE Times, Tesla's legacy continues to electrify engineers by Larry Lange 
Pepe's Tesla Pages 
Skylos's Nikola Tesla Patent Page 
Svenson's, Tesla's U.S. Patents (images)  
KG7BZ's Links to Sites About Nikola Tesla 
IEEE Colorado Springs Museum page [museum now closed]
The International Tesla Society Scientific Dictionary
Australian Nikola Tesla Society Scheduled for resurrection early in this century.  [Hit counter broken.]
Pure Genius [MacroMedia Flash]
Nikola Tesla Essay 
Nikola Tesla — Useless Information
Tesla Science 
Nikola Tesla Inventions. Tesla Coil Inventor [old TWP link]
Surf City — w/ links [old TWP link]
Bay Area Tesla links [some broken]
Floyd's Tesla links [old, many broken; three pop-ups]
Fnord's Weird Studies page and Tesla links — [many broken; "last verified on 5/27/99"]
Nessie's Grotto Tesla links [some broken]
Broadcast & Cinematic Arts Tesla links [some broken]
The Aphelion Internet Links Page [includes Tesla, some broken]
STAR SYSTEMS links page [includes Tesla, many broken]
InforMagnet Inventions Links [includes Tesla, many broken]
W'rd Science [includes Tesla, some broken]
"Free Energy" Links [includes Tesla, many broken]
Zero News Datapool, Tesla - the Lost Inventions
Frontier Sciences Foundation, e-mail — Germany, a few Tesla links
Alternative Science links [some broken]
Nikola Tesla Bio by FECHA, e-mail
Freedom Portal links  
Astrocartography of Nikola Tesla . . .
Energy for the Future
Phil Kent's links
Bob Paddock's links
Moon Palace World of Inventions 
Loch Ness - Earthquakes 
Surfing the Apocalypse links [some broken]
Spiritual Paths links [one]
3rd Eye bio TESLA, Nikola (1856-1943)~
Love Earth bio w/ two photos
Son of Tesla by Doug Yurchey 
Universe University Links Index, "The Man who Invented the Twentieth Century" by Robert Lomas
Ben's unfinished Tesla page
Multiwound coil possibilities for Earth Resonance  
Crank DOT Net 
Future Horizons Cataloglinks
Tesla's Turf
Plasma Globes 
Tesla: The Electric Magician 
Tunguska: The Cosmic Mystery of the Century *
Columbus' Egg *
Cyber Space Orbit *
fadedmudra :: namaste *
Carl Barnett, an MIA from the Korean War *

Tesla Related Books and Articles
Selected Bibliography -- Wireless Telecommunications 
21st Century Books
Tesla Books 
High Voltage Press
Nikola Tesla  The European Years — by D. Mrkich
Wizard : The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla  Q&A — by Marc J. Seifer
Books and Videos by Konstantin Meyl Google translation 
Ask Nick!— - Books about Nikola Tesla [], links 
— The page cannot be found
Don Lancaster's Books [] 
The Radical Academy Bookstore 
Iowa Gold Tesla Bookstore, links [old TWP], more links  <<<  
Andrew Cantino's Tesla Bookstore []
Frank Germano's Nikola Tesla Bookstore []
Rocky Mountain Survivors Group Tesla Bookstore [; w/ links]
Resources on Nikola Tesla's Life Bookstore, [; w/ links, (two broken); e-mail
Wireless Books Online []
The Man and the Band Bookstore []
Lucid Caf— Books [; w/ bio & links]
Tim Adams' Tesla Books, links [; Barnes and Noble]
Jim Bieberich's Tesla books [Barnes and Noble]
Health Research's Tesla Books 
Metaphysical Concepts Books 
Borderland Sciences Research Foundation 
Lindsay Publications  
Information Unlimited 
Adventures Unlimited's Tesla Books  
TeslaTech Books, links 
Rex Research, links 
Lost Arts Media 
: Nikola Tesla on His Work with Alternating Currents 
The Acacia Initiative - Directory of sources, equipment & service suppliers
Christopher Bird's Tesla biography [The page cannot be found]
Brough's Books Nikola TeslaUK Tesla Bookshop [; both have NT on AC listed O.O.P. in error]
451 Books [; has NT on AC listed O.O.P. in error]
Speculations in Science and Technology 
Tesla at 

Directories, Search Engines, etc., Including Tesla
Google Directory - Science > Physics > History > People > Tesla, ...
Open Directory - Science: Physics: History: People: Tesla, Nikola
Yahoo! Directory - Science > Physics > Physicists > Tesla, Nikola (1856-1943) 
Yahoo! Asia Directory - Science > Physics > Physicists > Tesla, Nikola (1856-1943) 
Galaxy > Science > Physics > Physicists > Tesla, Nikola
TopSites / Science / Physics / History / People / Tesla, Nikola 
My Montana Directory -  Science > Physics > People > Tesla, Nikola
Who-2 Nikola Tesla Inventor 
Nikola Tesla on Yahoo Asia 
Live Journal 
Datamuse — enabling people to efficiently extract meaning and inspiration from large databases.
OneLook— Dictionaries  — dictionary search engine
nikola tesla : LookWAYup Translating Dictionary/Thesaurus 
Nikola tesla : Rhymezone 
Tesla, Nikola : American Heritage— Dictionary 
nikola tesla : 
Tesla, Nikola : Wordsmyth English Dictionary 
Nikola Tesla : Wikipedia 
Tesla, Nikola : Stammtisch Beau Fleuve  
Tesla, Nikola : Columbia Encyclopedia 
Tesla, Nikola : Encarta— Online Encyclopedia [Further Reading]
Tesla, Nikola, Tesla, Nikola : 
Nikola Tesla : Who2 
Researchville meta-search [beta]
Echo Virtual Center — Catalogues and reviews sites on the history of science, technology, and medicine



Amateur Radio 
Circuit Simulation 
Digital Computing 
Energy Medicine 
Philosophy of Science 
Reference & Resources 
Science & Technology
Solar Energy 

Amateur Radio
Solar Terrestrial Activity Report
Amateur Radio Relay League / National Association for Amateur Radio 
Colorado Council of Amateur Radio Clubs 
Ham Con Colorado 
Ham Radio Outlet 

Circuit Simulation 
SPICE, Downloadable Tools 
XSPICECode-level modeling in XSPICE 
Electronics Simulation Software 
National Semiconductor Models & Spice Page 
Spice & PSpice Download 
National Semiconductor Models and Simulations 
MATLAB and Simulink 

Cosmology (see also Energy)
Supernova sheds light on dark energy 
A Picture Worth a Thousand Answers, by Rob Stein, Washington Post
Dark Energy Fills the Cosmos, by Paul Preuss
What Is Dark Energy? 
Astrophysics Challenged By Dark Energy Finding, by Ray Villard and Robin Lloyd
Dark Energy: Astronomers Still 'Clueless' About Mystery Force Pushing Galaxies Apart by Andrew Chaikin
Community Memos for Snowmass 2001 Yellow Book on Dark Energy    
The Essence of Quintessence 
Liquid Space, by Paul Davies, New Scientist 
What is this "all energy"?, with follow-ups  
Scientific Revolutions in Cosmology, by Nancy Ellen Abrams and Joel R. Primack
Hidden "Dark Energy", etc., "Electromagnetic Winds" 
Michael Faraday on the Structure of the Aether 
Pair says 'dark energy' dominates the universe 
'Dark energy' dominates the universe  
NASA findings shed light on 'dark energy' 

Digital Computing
Computer History Bibliography 
Annals of the History of Computing 

AWVerlag - Publications - Essays
Can anyone explain wave polarization via Tom Bearden's Scalar EM theory?, Part 2 by Rick Andersen
Barry's Coilgun Design Site 

JLN Labs
Gravitec, Inc.
Townsend Brown 
Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Research Program 
NASA Breakthrough Propulsion Physics (BPP) Project 
Common Errors including "What If" commentary 
Feeling Antigravity's Pull, by Adam Rogers
American Antigravity and links 
The Lifter Project, by Jean-Louis Naudin 
Otis Carr
John Searl
Walter Russell
T.J.J. See
Shinichi Seike
Electrogravitics - A Crash Course, Part 3, Practical engineering examples, by Steven J. Smith 

Energy (see also Cosmology)
Nikola Tesla On Hot Dry Rock Geothermal Electrical Power Generation 
Hot Dry Rock Geothermal Energy Technology (petrothermal)
Geothermal Energy and Hot Dry Rock (HDR) Technology 
Renewable Energy and Nuclear Plant Safety — Union of Concerned Scientists 
Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) Program — U.S. Department of Energy 
Hybrid Electric Vehicles and Electric Transportation — IEEE-USA position statement 
Hybrid-Electric Vehicles, Energy and the Environment — World Energy Council 
hybrid-electric automobiles "induction motor" — Search Google
Ultracapacitor Storage System - FAQs 
Gary Johnson's Renewable Energy and Tesla Coil Page, The Search for a New Energy Source, Chapter 1
The Electric Spacecraft Journal — striving to honestly explore the foundations of physical nature.
Integrity Research Institute — emerging energy and transportation inventions, Tom Valone
Eagle Research, George Wiseman
Planetary Association for Clean Energy, Andrew Michrowski
Infinite Energy Magazine, Eugene Mallove
Nu Energy Research Laboratories, Bruce Perreault 
Aetherometry, Overview, Paulo and Alexandra Correa including 
    — Power from Auto-Electronic Emissions  
    — Patents 
    — Tesla Coil Energy Transmission System Monographs AS2-13 (1998, 2001) and AS2-14 (1999, 2001)
Tom BeardenBooks & Booklets
The Bearden Free Energy Collector Principle 
Zero Point Technologies — The  Megahertz Meter Relationship 
The Detection of Ether and links, R. Webster Kehr *
The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman 
UFO Skeptic 

Energy Medicine
Lakhovsky's Magnetic (Multiple) Wave Oscillator 
Curing Cancer With Ultra Radio Frequencies by Georges Lakhovsky 
Did Tesla Invent the Multi-Wave Oscillator? 
Rife Technology 
The Rife Microscope Gonin's Rife Microscope No. 5 
Future Technology Today Inc. *
George Van Tassel's Integratron 
Royal Rife Technologies 
What 4 Milligauss Means 

United States Patent and Trademark Office Home Page  
     U.S. Patents, Search by Number 
     US Patent Full-Text Database Boolean Search 
     Databases: Patent Grant and Patent Application Full-Text and Full ...  
CIPO - Canadian Patents Database - Introduction 
European Patent Office 
     espacenet information 
European Patent Office gateway 
Delphion Patent Search Forms 
     Delphion Research 
Patentec - patent watches and searches 
Internet Patent News 

Philosophy of Science
Society for Scientific Exploration 

The Net Advance of Physics  
Solenoid Physics 
Plasma Dictionary 
PHY 380L: Introduction to Plasma Physics 
   Magneto-hydrodynamic Plasma 
      Flux Freezing 
      Magnetic Reconnection 
      Fast Magnetic Reconnection 
Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics 
Motion of magnetic flux lines in magnetohydrodynamics 
Radio and Plasma Wave Group, University of Iowa
Waves in Space Plasmas, W. S. Kurth
Plasma Physics and Astrophysics : Research Papers and Proposals, Thomas Smid
The Ionosphere: an Introduction 
Electric Field Disturbance Monitor 
TESLA The International Linear Collider and X-ray Laser Project
Physics Home Pages, PCIC, NCSU 
American Institute of Physics 
World Year of Physics 2005 
American Physical Society 
Physics Central 
The Aspen Center for Physics  
The Foundation Louis de Broglie 
California Institute for Physics and Astrophysics 
HyperPhysics exploration environment for concepts in physics, Maxwell's Equations 
Maxwell's Equations and Electromagnetic Waves  
A Solid-State Maxwell Demon [.pdf] 
E.T. Whitaker on the Partial Differential Equations of Mathematical Physics Physics Forums 
Physics Groups, Google 
No sign of the Higgs boson 

Reference & Resources 
Soldering technique 
ePanorama Copper Wire Figures 
What are Circular Mils? 
The Bell Jar — Links & Other Resources.
Nuts & Volts Magazine
Conformity a monthly newsmagazine with the latest news and current trends in the testing and certification of electrical products.
Fun Science Project Idea's 
Sam's Neat, Nifty, and Handy Bookmarks Table of Contents  
This to That e-Print archive — An e-print service in the fields of physics, mathematics, non-linear science and computer science.
Curran Associates Incorporated — Booksellers specializing in the supply of non-commercial conference proceedings to libraries and booksellers throughout the world. 
Kluwer online — Accelerating the World of Research; providing quality information products and services to academic and corporate researchers.
Technology Review - Science and Secrets — Seeking a balance between academic freedom and security.
Engines of Creation : The Coming Era of Nanotechnology  
An Inexpensive X Ray Machine
Pi Guy Links 
The New York Academy of Sciences 
Science Kit and Boreal Laboratories — Science Education Products

Science & Technology 
Union Of Concerned Scientists

Solar Energy
Phase Change Materials (PCMs) 
Energy Savers: Phase Change Materials for Solar Heat Storage 
Phase Change Material Research plus links  
RUBITHERM— Paraffins in Thermal Energy Storage Applications 
Microencapsulation of Phase Change Materials 
Astor Paraffin PCMs by Honeywell Astor— Paraffin Waxes 
Arkimya Refined Paraffin Waxes 

   — Perforated prototype board & flea clips
       — Vector ElectricVectorbord 
   — Transistors, resistors, capacitors, etc.
       — American Microsemiconductor 
       — Circuit Specialists 
       — Cross Components, Inc. 
       — Digi-Key Corporation, Catalog [.pdf]
       — Electronic Surplus Inc. 
       — ITW Paktron 
       — Jameco Electronics 
       — Jennings Technology 
       — Mouser ElectronicsCatalog [.pdf]
       — National Semiconductor 
       — ON Semiconductor 
 — Ferrite Cores 
       — Amidon Corporation 
        — Amidon, Inc. Inductive Components 
       — Alpha Core, Inc. magnetic cores & specialty wire products 
       — CWS ByteMark
       — Stormwise 8.125" x 0.485", 3.4", 5.6", 12.45" & 24.75" x 1.12"
       — Surplus Sales of Nebraska
   — High Voltage Transformers
       — T & R Electric Supply Company, Inc. 
       — Additional Transformer Suppliers 
   — Capacitors
       — Cornell Dubilier mica chip capacitors  Alternative site
       — Maxwell Technologies  
       — Stormwise (air variable)
   — Spun Aluminum Toroids
       — Sparks and Arcs!!!! 
   — Copper Wire
       — MWS Wire Industries 
       — Paramount Wire Co. 
       — Rea Magnet Wire Company, Inc. 
       — Superior Essex Inc. 
       — WireTronic Inc.  
   — Electronics, etc.
       — Antique Radio Supply  
       — Davilyn
       — Dick Smith Electronics
       — Fair Radio Sales Company
       — Herbach and Rademan
       — M.A.T. Electronics
       — Marlin P. Jones & Assoc. Inc.
       — MECI
       — Radio Shack 
   — Electro-mechanical Components 
       — CUI, Inc. 
   — Batteries 
       — Batteries 4 Everything   
       — Only Batteries   
       — Rayovac 
   — Magnets
       — ForceField 
   — Materials
       — Goodfellow 

Wooden Boats bookstore deals 
United States Coast Artillery Photographs 

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