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Nikola Tesla Patent Collection � On CD-ROM
Nikola Tesla, Compiled by Bruce A. Perreault,1999
94 megabytes data on CD ROM.
CD80-NTPC ... $28.95

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This is a complete set of Tesla's Patents issued in the United States, Great Britain and Canada between 1886 and 1928, saved as images in .pdf format. The Acrobat 3.01 Reader for Win95 or Mac is included. This CD-ROM is also packed with articles and multimedia presentations related to Tesla's experiments, inventions, and the story of his life, including a transcript of the 1943 Marconi vs. the U.S. litigation on priority in radio. These files can be accessed directly off the disk with an easy to use automatic menu.
153 megabytes data on CD ROM.

Thank you for your purchase of The Nikola Tesla CD-ROM. I have tried to compile a broad range of information and media related to Nikola Tesla and hope that you find it a useful reference. The highlights of this collection are the complete text of a book about Tesla and a second work purported to be his Biography. The court records from the 1939 Marconi vs. Tesla case are in .txt format and you will find the FBI files in .txt and in .pdf formats interesting. You will also find articles on this cd about individual inventions as well as instructions for building some of Tesla's popular inventions.


If you decide to build anything involving electronics please be very careful and realize that the life you save will probably be your own! 

This CD was designed so that most of the contents can be accessed right from the disk that will save you from having to load anything to your computers hard drive. Access to all files can be easily gained two ways. First by clicking on the Menu item "View CD-ROM Contents" and by clicking on the Install/Copy button. Double-click on any of the displayed folders and then double-click on any of the individual files. Second you can click on your computers CD-ROM Icon in the Windows Explorer. Once you are viewing the disk folders double-click on anyone to view contents and then double click the individual file to view.


Insert CD in CD-ROM Player

In Windows 95 Click on Start Button

Click on Programs

Click on Windows Explorer

In left side double-click on your CD-ROMS Icon

CD's files should now be shown in right side

If you want to read an article double-click on the .txt file that you want to view

Double-click the article you want to see and it should open in your computers default text reader (normally Notepad)


When you close this Instructional text you may use the menu on the screen by clicking on any item in the left menu box and following the instructions displayed in the lower right menu box. These menu shortcuts are only a small sampling of what is available on this disk so DIG DEEPER by using your Windows Explorer to view everything.

Articles = Contains the Tesla Book, Tesla Biography, FBI files, Marconi vs. Tesla Court case transcripts and other misc. text files.

HTML Files = Patent, technical, instructional and other files which will open in your computers default Internet Browser, i.e. Netscape, Microsoft IE, etc...

Photos = Pictures in .jpg and .gif format which can be clicked on to view individually or click on "slide.exe" to have all the pictures run as a continuous slideshow.

Movies = Short movie clips which will play using your computers movie program. If you don't presently have a movie player you can download one capable of playing .mov or .avi files for free from most freeware sites.

Zip Files = Numerous files which explain coil construction and calculators in a .zip format... Zip files require a Zip/Unzip program such as Winzip to open. If you don't have one of these programs on your computer there are a number available for free download from many freeware sites.

* Due to the different monitor sizes a text file opened in Notepad may appear to have text running off the right side of the screen. If this is the case you simply have to click on Edit in the upper left corner and select Word Wrap. The text will adjust to fit your screen.

I hope this covers everything and that you enjoy the disk!

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