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JULY 10, 1956 will mark One Hundred Anniversary of the birth of a great inventor and a scientist.  His name is DR. NIKOLA TESLA.  If I ask you who this fellow Tesla is, you, undoubtedly, will answerI don't know.  And I would be surprised, but would not blame you for not knowing.  On the other hand, if I ask you who is Edison, you will, equally undoubtedly, have an answer for me.  Why it is so, is a great mystery to me.  All I know is � they were both great inventors and scientists.

There are plenty proofs on record which tells us about the greatness of Dr. Tesla's discoveries, scientific research and inventions.  But we are too busy to look for them.  It is to be regretted that our scientific writers so sadly neglect to do the work for us, the ordinary citizens.  It is not in the best interest of our scientific effort and achievement to glorify some to the extreme and to forget the others altogether.  It simply means that it is wrong attitude.

One of the many proofs that can be found on the record is contained in a book published, as "a compliment," by WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC & MANUFACTURING CO., on January 16, 1893, under the title: "Electric Power Transmission PatentsTesla's Polyphase System."  In it one can find all patents, illustrations and descriptions pertaining to the Tesla's System mentioned here.  These patents and inventions are often called "Tesla's basic inventions."  Please bear in mind that these patents are only a part of the inventive genius of Tesla.

Let me tell you that I know of no two inventive geniuses who were and who remained to the end of their lives as faithful and sincere friends as were: George Westinghouse ( 18461914) and Dr. Nikola Tesla (18561943).  What these two friends and truly great men have done for our industrial might is now a history.  Let us be grateful to both of them.

I understand that the petitions are being circulated and that the Postmaster General Mr. Arthur E. Summerfield, is being asked to issue a Special Postage Stamp to commemorate 100th Anniversary of the birth of Dr. Nikola Tesla.  I sincerely hope that this will be done; that the appreciation and recognition be given to the creative genius and a truly great American patriot�DR. NIKOLA TESLA.�A. S.


"There are to-day thousands of waterfalls with millions of horse-power of energy going to waste for lack of economical means of transporting such power to places of use.

"Each horse power of work for ten hours for each working day requires, through a steam engine, about six tons of coal per annum, so that the development and utilization of these inexhaustible sources of power will be equivalent to the saving of millions of tons of coal each year, and will thus assist in solving the problem of conserving our enormous, but exhaustible, fuel supply.

"The means of transporting this power and delivering it in suitable form for commercial uses is found in recent applications of electricity.  Through the developments already made, electric energy is now available for lighting, for the distribution of power and for heating.  The wide extent of its successful application to lighting, and the distribution of power are familiar to everyone, and its utilization in heating bids fair to make this method a furnishable rival of coal in the vicinity of water powers.

"The introduction of successful methods of utilizing these natural sources of power will not only meet the present demands of cities within a suitable radius, but it may be safely predicted that there will be a rapid building up of industries in such localities, and a consequent shifting of centers of population, with also a development of industries which have heretofore lain dormant on account of the cost of power.

"When the Westinghouse Electric Company was formed, foreseeing that by alternating currents only could electrical energy be transmitted over long distances, we made the alternating system a specialty, and to that end secured the Gaulard and Gibbs inventions, and many other fundamental ones bearing on this important field, which field had theretofore been considered unworthy of more than experimental attention.  Prior to our operations the alternating system had been emphatically condemned as uncommercial by the most eminent engineers of the world, almost without exception; but in the face of unusual opposition, we succeeded in rapidly introducing a comprehensive system of lighting, which not only proved a successful competitor of other systems, but by its flexibility and adaptation to great distances, has opened up and developed extensive fields which could not otherwise have been occupied.  The success of alternating current for lighting led us to seek a solution of the problem of distributing power by the same currents.

"In the course of our investigations into the subject of power transmission we came upon the inventions of Mr. Nikola Tesla, now so well known for his remarkable achievements, and recognizing the value and originality of his discoveries, and the fundamental character of his patents, at once secured the exclusive right to manufacture and sell apparatus covered by these patents, with a right to any further inventions Mr. Tesla might make relating thereto.  We thereupon immediately began to develop and determine the best forms of apparatus required to solve the problem of power transmission, and we have during the past five years worked unceasingly, and at very great expense, with the result that we are now able to undertake the manufacture of apparatus to meet any case that may be presented to us.

"The system we offer is an alternating current one, now known as the "Multiphase" or "Polyphase System," which is the original discovery of Mr. Tesla, and is so fully covered by his patents that we deem it a duty to those contemplating the use of such apparatus to direct their attention to a selection of Mr. Tesla's patents presented herewith.  It is worthy of especial note that the originality of Mr. Tesla's discoveries has not been disputed by any manufacturer of electrical power transmitting apparatus."

Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co.

Pittsburgh, Pa., January 16th, 1893

Let us hope and pray that the prejudice has nothing to do with omissions and negligence of telling people the God's Truth.

Nikola Tesla � Ideas and Opinions

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