Destructive Testers Wanted


TEBA NEWS # 20, Spring 2004

The 21 inch diameter runner has been selected as the standard size for a new research and development turbine, now available from TEBA.  This three disk, twenty one inch diameter runner allows for a reduced speed operation of only 7,200 rpm, while still remaining light weight enough to allow for disassembly and transport by a single person.  After 15 minute disassembly the turbine can be transported in almost any vehicle, with individual pieces weighing less than fifty pounds each.  This turbine also features Tesla's fully variable nozzle control design.  A dynamically adjustable nozzle allows for fine tuning to any given working fluid and pressure, within its operating range, which is critical for proper efficiency. 

A Tesla turbine allowing for destructive testing with convenient replacement parts, usable for all types of R&D, including geothermal, biomass and direct combustion.  Intended for the serious researcher, this machine is available complete and ready for easy assembly.  Contact TEBA for more details: teba@execpc.com 

21 inch diameter runner 
Infinitely variable tuning nozzle
3 discs, including the two end disks
7,200 - __,___ ? RPM

The TEBA R&D Tesla turbine is intended for commercial entities that can afford it.  The cost is approximately the same as for a piston steam engine having the same rating (20 hp), which sell for about $1,000 per hp.  It is TEBA's intent to be provider of last resort, as these devices can not be obtained from commercial sources at this time.  We encourage our members to build their own turbines at much reduced cost.

This turbine was demonstrated at a Northern California steam show and performed very well. (Sept. 20, 2004)