Spring 2004, #22 (Current Issue)

  • Member to Member — Networking service available to members...3
  • California Energy Commission Sponsors Successful Tesla Turbine Test — In the wake of the orchestrated California energy crisis, a $75,000 grant was awarded to independently test the Tesla Turbine...4
  • Home Shop Machinist Features Five Part Tesla Turbine Project — TEBA member authors construction project for a seven inch turbine, built from scratch...5
  • Nuclear Industry Ignores Safety of Tesla Pumping Technology — Nuclear Regulatory Commission extends operating licences and boosts power output despite serious safety concerns by engineers...8
  • Cardboard Blower Works Like Tesla’s Lost Turbine — “You can build a quiet, effective little blower. It will ventilate a darkroom, cool electronic or projection equipment, or dry negatives, photo prints, or painted objects”...9
  • Applying Theory to Real Turbo Machines — Part three of a series addresses specific design issues using the fluid mechanics and thermodynamic theory previously explained...11
  • Builder’s Report — Three turbines and a pump built over a three year period. Operated first on compressed air and then driven by steam. Each began life as a runner modeled in a wooden case...15
  • Demonstration Turbine — Surplus “America On Line” compact disks are employed in the runner of a small demonstration Tesla type turbine. The case parts are made of oak and maple...19
  • R&D Turbines Now Available from TEBA — The 21 inch diameter runner has been chosen as the standard size for a new research and development turbine. Its modular design allows for easy assembly and disassembly for quick transport to testing locations...20

August 2002, #21

  • Cover — Previously unpublished photograph from the ‘Tesla Wardenclyffe Project Archive’ depicts Tesla’s line synchronous turbine direct driving a Tesla polyphase alternator.
  • Member to Member — Networking service available to members...3
  • Tesla Turbine Correspondence — Tesla offers the U.S. Government gas turbine technology, describing an upcoming report “getting to the bottom of the subject.” This 300+ page report, confirmed generated, is yet unlocated...4
  • Tesla Turbo Pumps — Model Tesla propulsion pump features dual, gear driven, 13/4 x 1/2 inch runners machined from aluminum bar stock and encased by two part 31/2 x 5/8 inch housings, cast from resin. Output capacity 12 gpm @ 4,000 rpm...4
  • Investigation and Analysis of a Tesla Turbine — A thesis based on the membership information provided by TEBA. An actual turbine is constructed to “fill a gap in documented research on the turbine, to ascertain why the turbine is not currently in mainstream use”...5
  • Turbo Machine Thermal Dynamics — Second part of a series explaining the operation of the Tesla Turbine as well as a book review of a new British Title that includes dimensioned drawings...9
  • Easy Tesla Style Blower — Detailed here is a new member’s first “easy” project toward experimenting with the bladeless machine. A high speed vacuum cleaner motor drives a Tesla runner, proving Tesla’s bladeless concept...13
  • In Tesla’s Laboratory — A Poem by Tesla’s close friend; Robert Underwood Johnson...17
  • Tesla Turbine Vortex Generators — New information on how vortex generators function for aircraft wings provides additional insights into Tesla turbine operation...18
  • Tesla Hydraulic Dynamometer — Historical article documenting how the Tesla turbine brake was employed to test conventional engine outputs...19
  • Original Tesla Steam Turbine — High resolution full view photograph of the original Tesla Line synchronous prototype, rotating the new world standard — Tesla’s polyphase alternator...20

October 2001, #20

  • Cover — Previously unpublished photograph from the ‘Tesla Wardenclyffe Project Archive’ depicts Tesla’s runner from his “Lighting Machine on Novel Principles.” Turning at 30,000+ rpm, designed to produce 1 kw in a package of 8"x8"x10".
  • Member to Member — Networking service available to members...3
  • Tesla’s 50kw Turbo/Alternator — Enhanced photo of Tesla’s 93/4 inch turbo alternator in operation...4
  • Turbo / Geothermal! — Turbine engine developed by International Automated systems claims geothermal/hydrogen production at less than 1 cent per kilowatt hour...5
  • Tesla Steam Turbine — New photo of the Turbo-Pump designed by Tesla for the American Pipe and Construction Company. Manufactured by the American and British Manufacturing Company and sold to the Corliss Steam Engine Works Foundry in Providence, R.I. Capacity 3,500 gpm...6
  • Basic Theory of Turbomachines — This is the first of a series of articles with emphasis on Tesla type...7
  • Tesla Steam Turbine — Original photo of a Tesla line synchronous setup...8
  • Tesla Turbine/Pump — Previously unpublished photograph of the “Universal” Turbine with superheater...10
  • Original Tesla Steam Turbine — Tabletop turbine includes variable nozzle...12, 14
  • Lab Tests Tesla Turbine — The Energy and Environmental Research Center begins testing biomass...15
  • Tesla Engine Tee Shirt Available — Featuring disk vortex design...15
  • Tesla Turbine Operational Characteristics — Tesla’s configurations for efficient operation...16
  • Tesla Turbine R&D — Mapping out when and where Tesla did his turbine research...17
  • Tesla Speed Feedback — Previously unpublished photo of Tesla’s Hydraulic Speed Feedback Pump, disassembled!...18
  • Forty Eight Inch Update — The challenge now is to provide adequate starting power to take this monster up to operational speed...19
  • Tesla’s Turbo/Alternator — Yet another previously unpublished photo of Tesla’s super compact “Lighting Machine on Novel Principles.”...20

December 2000, #19

  • Cover — Previously unpublished photograph of yet another of Tesla’s original bladeless turbines. “Universal Casing” allowed this prototype to be configured as a turbine or pump. Tested in both modes at the American and British Manufacturing Company in Bridgeport Connecticut.
  • Member to Member — A networking service available to TEBA members in good standing...3
  • Lost No More — Photograph depicting assembly of a “star washer” into the 48" runner. The first runner, to our knowledge, to employ the geometries of the “Lost” British patent. This runner has been installed in the gas turbine engine described below...3
  • Gas turbine testing continues — A commercial size direct combustion turbine, photo appearing in the last newsletter and extensively documented herein, has been accelerated to speeds in excess of 2,000 rpm. Vibration occurred above this speed as the runner was only initially statically balanced. Testing will continue after dynamic balance is achieved. Featured in this issue are Tesla’s unique dynamic balancing solutions as described in the “Lost Patent,” also reproduced beginning page sixteen herein...4
  • Geothermal Solution — Tesla described this energy source as “Our Future Motive Power.” In 1931 he urged and described its recovery using the Tesla turbine. The concepts were again promoted by others in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Reproduced here are some interesting projections, hopes and technical description from this period...10
  • Tesla: Master of Lightning — New world class Tesla documentary; Aired PBS December 12, 2000...15
  • Balancing Rotating Machine Parts — Process of and Apparatus for: Tesla describes how to obtain a pristine dynamic balance, even with the runner operating at temperature...16
  • High Capacity Tesla Pump — A previously unpublished photograph from the “Tesla Wardenclyffe Project Archive” captures the internals of the late “Jake” Possell’s “Nuclear Pump.” Also featured is a photo from the TEBA archive showing this pump in operation. With Jake at the helm it is captured pumping large quantities of boiling liquid....20

May 2000, #18

  • Cover — “Tortuous Journey.”
  • Member to Member — A networking service available to TEBA members in good standing...3
  • Tesla Pumps for Race Cars — Tesla pumps are installed in a stock car cooling system to increase available horse power to the wheels. Used to successful qualify and compete in NASCAR events...4
  • Pulsating Combustors and the Tesla Turbine — A review of the basics of pulse combustion as well as an experimental proceedure...7
  • An Analysis of the Internal Aerodynamic Losses Produced in the Laminar and Centrifugal Flow Between Two Co-Rotating Discs — This recent paper continues our mathematical speculations series with yet another work attempting to model the performance of “Co-Rotating Discs” given various assumptions. It does not consider inlet geometry...8
  • Number One Goes Non-Condensing — A historical article from the 1899 publication POWER examines the effects of running without a condenser in an informative yet simple presentation...13
  • Deriving Motive Power From Steam — Another of Tesla’s previously unpublished “Lost British Patents.” A unique superheater and nozzle arrangement is described for turbo machines. Induction from a primary nozzle pulls super heater combustion air through a concentric secondary, eliminating the need for a compressor. Intended primarily to increase efficiencies of relatively small turbines. Important information...16
  • Commercial Tesla Turbines! — The first 250 kw beta units roll out. Employing a 48" runner, containing 19 disks, the assembled turbine system components are pictured. More details will follow in the next issue...20

October 1999, #17

  • Cover — Twenty one inch Tesla turbine runner components ready to be assembled. This three disk runner is employed in the new turbine commissioned by TEBA as described in this issue.
  • Member to Member — A networking service available to TEBA members in good standing...3
  • Twenty One Inch Turbine Commissioned by TEBA — Extensive photographic documentation of this new turbine is presented. TEBA is also now offering a video tape containing footage of the turbine being assembled and operated...4
  • Pulse Combustion — Tesla’s Valvular Conduits operating in conjunction with a combustion chamber. This device is documented in operation in the available video mentioned above...8
  • Advanced Combustion Techniques — A new burner based on the latest techniques, researched and made available by the U.S. Air Force, powers an eleven inch Tesla turbine; Also featured in TEBA’s new video...9
  • Accurate Case Pressures Measured — Using a highly accurate water column gage, it is confirmed that the casing of the Tesla turbine develops insignificant pressures...10
  • Thermodynamic Irreversibility — What does this mean and how does it apply to the Tesla turbine...10
  • Debunking the Debunker Part II— Ph.D. Mechanical Engineer John Feiereisen and side kick Don Lancaster reluctantly fall silent...11
  • Disk Turbine Sells on Ebay — Photographic documentation of a Tesla type turbine based on the Tesla assembly drawings posted at the TEBA website...15
  • Tesla Turbine Project — The final year project to earn a B.Sc. in Applied Physics, Brighton Polytechnic, U.K....17
  • Fluid Pump — A patent issued in 1968, assigned to the Pitney-Bowes Corporation, suggests variable disk spacings be employed...18

May 1999, #16

  • Cover — Previously unpublished photograph of another of Tesla's experimental prototype turbines. The diameter of the runner is such that operation at line synchronous speed is possible. It is shown operating in direct connection to a Tesla polyphase alternator thereby eliminating speed reduction.
  • Member to Member — A networking service available to TEBA members in good standing...3
  • Gas Turbine Test Stand — A TEBA member has designed and tested a Tesla gas turbine system. TEBA has been provided with a video tape and test results. Also provided is the article which follows. Images captured from the video also appear therein...4
  • Physics of the Tesla Turbine — One of the biggest errors that has been made in the construction of the Tesla turbine is the elimination of the numerous support pins or rivets. In this article the power producing physics of these geometries is explained...5
  • Bladeless Pumping — TEBA member builds a 3 inch diameter pump to confirm Tesla’s results...10
  • Tesla Style Pump - Test Report — Another small diameter bladeless pump is described and analyzed...11
  • Tesla Turbine as Vaporizer — The Tesla turbine is an extremely effective vaporizer. These concepts are being used widely in industrial spray drying...15
  • Tesla’s “Lost” 1920’s British Patents Provide for Additional Disk Support and Recuperation — Two patents describing a more rugged runner and waste heat recovery...16
  • Theoretical Analysis of a Disk Turbine — Part two of mathematical ponderings of turbine performance with given assumptions...17
  • Petite Power Package — New small scale turbines are being promoted for home and industry...19
  • Popular Science Honors Tesla’s Invention — Tesla’s invention declared as one of the most important to industrial development this century...20

December 1998, #15

  • Member to Member — A networking service available to TEBA members...3
  • “Unusual” Jet Engine Debuts at E.A.A. Echoes Tesla’s Almost Century Old Concept — Described by the Experimental Aircraft Association as; “The most unusual project we’ve seen,” this new radial flow jet engine’s configuration mimics the concepts introduced by Tesla for his bladeless device. It has proven to be the most cost effective way...4
  • How to Build a Real Tesla Turbine — Endeavoring to follow the basics laid down by Tesla has resulted in the greatest documented success with the turbine to date. An interview with the builder explains what you need to know...5
  • Valvular Conduit Construction — Tesla’s one way passive valve is not as easily machined as the patent would have it appear. Here are some techniques that can be used to simplify its construction...12
  • The Eleven Inch Tesla Turbine Revisited — Recent tests using direct combustion report efficiency significantly higher than that typical of bladed devices...13
  • Member Submits Turbine Drawing — CAD turbine drawings submitted to TEBA for comment and consideration include Tesla's pulse combustor...15
  • Fully Functional Steam Turbine Internals — A collage of photographic documentation detailing the internal workings of the steam turbine featured in the last issue of TEBA News...15
  • Debunking the Debunker — Debunking Don Lancaster's completely erroneous and misinformed Tesla turbine comments appearing in the October issue of “Electronics Now”...17
  • Theoretical Analysis of a Disk Turbine - Part one of a two part article speculating mathematically the workings of disk turbines given different assumptions. It will be shown that results vary drastically depending on how the fluid dynamics are expressed...18
  • Tesla’s Turbo - Alternator — Previously unpublished photograph of Tesla’s “Lighting Machine on Novel Principles.” This small steam turbine was intended to power the head lamp of a locomotive. Built in the 1917-18 while Tesla was working in Chicago...20

August 1998, #14

  • Member to Member — A networking service available to TEBA members...3
  • A Fully Functional Turbine Test Stand — One of the biggest difficulties in the operation and testing of a steam turbine is the availability of testing facilities. It may be possible to find a location where steam power is available but there is typically no way to properly load the turbine. Conversely, a facility may be found that has the capability of providing the required load but then there is no steam supply. This was the dilemma faced by John Pickard after the construction of several different turbines. Toward the resolution of this problem a project was embarked upon, now complete, assembling a complete test stand, employing both load and steam supply. As a result of this testing a discovery has been made as to why previous testing of steam operated devices produced low efficiency numbers. This test stand has established that Tesla's reported numbers are indeed correct...4
  • The “Tesla” Turboshaft Project — TEBA member David Young continues his story detailing his experiences with a propane powered bladeless gas turbine. He has constructed a bladeless blower toward experimentation with a totally bladeless device...11
  • A Letter from a TEBA Member — Suggestions regards construction of the Tesla turbine...20
  • Declarations of Faith — An article from the August 1932 issue of the New York American. In this article reporter Joseph Auslander reports: “NIKOLA TESLA, acknowledged dean of American inventors, in a recent interview on his seventy-sixth birthday, reaffirmed his faith in the recuperative vitality of our old universe and proclaimed his enthusiastic belief in the tremendous possibilities of the future with such vigor and such ringing confidence as to shame the cowardly croakings of our modern Cassandras”...20

April 1998, #13

  • Previously Unpublished Images — Two images are presented of an original Tesla turbine prototype dating from 1916...Cover
  • Member to Member — A networking service available to TEBA members...3
  • Letters to TEBA — Answers are given to a member's inquiry seeking information regarding combustion techniques...4
  • The Tesla Turboshaft Project — TEBA member David Young continues his story detailing his experiences with a propane powered bladeless turbine. He has now operated the turbine successfully at speeds in excess of 25,000 rpm...5
  • Fuel Economy of the Gasoline Engine — This piece describes the history of the mileage marathons and the constant breaking of previous gas mileage records. The first event was won with a gasoline mileage of only 49.73 miles per gallon. The current record for a street legal vehicle has increased to 568 miles to the gallon. A specially designed vehicle, not appropriate for the street, built by Honda, achieved 9,426 mpg in 1996...11
  • Bladeless Blower Prototype — TEBA member Paul Keller is experimenting with bladeless blowers and has provided photographic documentation of his 9,600 rpm model...12
  • Tesla Explains Why His Turbine Operates by Adhesion and Viscosity Not Friction — An article is presented which appeared in the November 1911 publication ‘Engineering.’ It attempted to establish mathematically that the Tesla turbine can not possibly operate efficiently due to frictional losses. It also claimed that the bladeless techniques had already been tried and patented by others and proven a failure. Tesla’s rebuttal is in the form of a letter, through his attorneys, received by the U.S. patent office. In this letter Tesla explains why the claims of the ‘Engineering’ article are false...15
  • Pumps Capable Of Use As Heart Pumps — A U.S. Patent of Tesla type rotative pumps which are suitable for use in primary blood for circulation through the body passages, veins, arteries, etc., of a living person or animal. The pumps are adaptable for use disposed within a body cavity, as replacements for either or both of the pumping functions of the heart...18

December 1997, #12

  • Member to Member — A networking service available to TEBA members...3
  • The Bladeless Turboshaft Project — TEBA member David Young has successfully powered a bladeless turbine using propane as a fuel. He has provided a detailed account of his progress, including 14 photographs and several drawings. David has modeled his project using new three dimensional CAD software called Rhino 3D. Complete with burner, the turbine has been run satisfactorily at temperatures that have caused the stainless steel turbine disks to run at red heat...4
  • Efficiency of the Tesla Turbine — Nikola Tesla built and operated a wide range of actual bladeless turbomachinery and knew first hand of their efficiencies and operational characteristics, empirically. It is interesting to know that those who brought the Tesla bladeless pump to commercial prominence, with sales in the millions, did so without knowledge of the previous non-empirical evaluations and opinions that cast the design concept in a bad light...10
  • Simple Hardware Demonstrates Tesla's Concept — A previously unpublished photograph of Tesla's demonstration blower is presented. Text is also reproduced of Tesla's description of its operation. This simple blower can be built very easily by those wishing to demonstrate the Tesla turbine concepts...11
  • The Tesla Turbine Does Not Operate by Friction — This short piece emphasizes the point that the Tesla turbine operates via adhesion and viscosity not friction. Many flawed theoretical evaluations have been the result of the mistaken assumption that friction is the primary agent in a Tesla turbine...11
  • Turbine Patent — "This invention relates to turbines of the type that use closely spaced plate members mounted on shafting, in place of buckets or blades as a principal means of momentum transfer from a fluid into usable energy. The use of disc members for this purpose is basically disclosed by Nikola Tesla, in U.S. Pat. No. 1,061,206"...12
  • Toyota's Bold Move — The Rocky Mountain Institute comments on the new Toyota hybrid Prius. It is pointed out that, despite being 330 pounds heavier than the conventional car it replaces, it has achieved 66 miles per gallon. Honda appears to be the next player preparing to enter the hybrid vehicle market. Hybrid vehicles were first proposed by Tesla in 1900...16
  • Brief History of Frequency Selection and Standardization — This piece by the noted chief Engineer of Westinghouse; the late B.G. Lamme explains why 133 cycles, 125 cycles and other high frequencies were first adopted. How 60 cycles took the lead...17

August 1997, #11

  • Member to Member — A networking service available to TEBA members...3
  • Tesla's Turbine Archives — When Tesla died in 1943 his extensive archive, which consisted of 80 trunks, was impounded by the FBI and Office of Alien Property. When most of the archive was finally released in 1952, to Tesla’s Nephew, Sava Kosanovich, after extensive legal petitioning, it was transported to Yugoslavia and housed in a museum erected to honor and memorialize Tesla. Much of this archive remains unpublished and unattainable, including most of the documentation pertaining to the turbine. Indexed here is some of what we know exists...4
  • TEBA Member Builds High Speed Mini-Turbine — This small 1" turbine “will literally go ultrasonic at 120,000+ rpm, with a working steady pressure of 125 psi from the compressor.” Photographs and Descriptions....5
  • Tesla's 5,000 Horse Power Demonstration Turbine — Previously unpublished images of the largest of the Tesla prototypes. This turbine drives a “Tesla Brake,” providing calibrated, bladeless, hydraulic load...7
  • A New Generation of Cars: Supercars or Super Hype? — In September 1993, President Clinton and the Big Three U.S. auto makers announced the “Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles” or (PNGV). The goal of the PNGV is to triple the fuel efficiency of the average U.S. car in ten years without sacrificing affordability, safety or performance. This implies that an 80 mile per gallon (mpg) mid-size vehicle should be ready for auto show rooms by 2004. Is it possible?...9
  • Rivals Teaming Up to Build Electric Car — Two American auto companies enter into a partnership....10
  • Toyota Reveals Their New Hybrid (Gasoline/Electric) — Toyota has recently released details of their new gasoline/electric hybrid passenger vehicle which is reported to achieve 70 miles to the gallon of fuel. Problems exist however, that could be solved using the Tesla engine...11
  • Waltham Speedometers — Tesla’s first and only major commercial success, during his lifetime, for his turbine. Used extensively in automobile speedometers before magnetic coupling...13
  • Recollections from Tesla’s Assistant — A report of a presentation by Mr. W.W. Wilhelm during the 1956 Tesla Centennial Celebration. Mr. Wilhelm worked with Tesla on the turbine project in Chicago...14
  • Small is Profitable — The Rocky Mountain Institute explains why our bigger is better electricity days may be a thing of the past...15
  • Early Days in the Westinghouse Shops — Making the acquaintance of alternating current and its apparatus—How Stanley, Shallenberger, Tesla, Lamme and Westinghouse himself impressed a young engineer in 1888...17
  • “Power Translation Device” — A patent assigned to the LTV Aerospace and Defense Company details a variable nozzle for the Tesla turbine. It also claims that high temperature materials make the Tesla turbine extremely powerful. This technology may already be in use, possibly levitating advanced “air breathing” aircraft...20

Winter 1996-7, #10

  • Member to Member — A networking service available to TEBA members...3
  • Moving from Why to How — RMI's Hypercar Center Shifts Gears from Theory to Practice — The Rocky Mountain Institute's concept, which was first proposed by Tesla, of a super efficient, superclean “hypercar” now stands at the threshold between theory and practice...4
  • Rosen Motors Announces Successful Road Test of Turbine-Flywheel Powertrain for Automobiles — Benjamin and Harold Rosen have announced the first successful road test of their experimental hybrid electric powertrain for automobiles. This historic road test is reported to make Rosen Motors the only company to have demonstrated the viability of using a flywheel-turbine combination to power an electric auto...5
  • Tesla’s Turbine for Line Synchronous Operation — Unpublished images of yet another little known Tesla turbo alternator. This large diameter unit employs direct drive while turning at line synchronous speeds...6
  • From an Obscure Genius Comes a Tiny Pump for Computer Age — “Engineers at the University of Washington have created a microchip sized pump with no moving parts, exploiting a 75 year old patent held by an eccentric Serbian American inventor, whose celebrity status was once the equal of Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein. His name was Nikola Tesla.”...8
  • New Booklet Available Detailing Construction of Bladeless Turbine Using Simple Household Parts — Although only a toy, this project is promoted as a simple way to get started in building something, with one very important caveat: Don't run it over 1,000 rpm!...10
  • Letters — Discourse regarding bladeless fluid clutches, bladeless blowers, and cryogenic blasters and more. A photo is also reproduced of a commercial Tesla blower...12
  • Pumping Large Solid Articles — What was to become a very controversial patent was issued in June of 1982. The question is yet to be responded to; Why were additional pumping patents refused Tesla but then issued to others decades later? These Tesla turbo pumps have generated sales in the multi millions and are the most successful commercialization to date of the Tesla turbine...13
  • What We Will Do With Electricity — by Nikola Tesla - Part two and final installment - Tesla sketches the history of electricity, from Thales to the Bible, Gilbert, Franklin and Faraday to what was then modern developments and beyond...18
  • WIZARD - A New World Class Tesla Biography — This 540 page hardcover book, the product of 20 years of intense effort by author Marc Seifer, is the most definitive study ever assembled on Tesla. As comprehensive as comparable works on Edison, Einstein and Freud, this book will be a classic. It is available now through TEBA...20

Autumn 1996, #9

  • Member to Member — A networking service available to TEBA members...3
  • Hypercars: The Next Generation — "Is it a Car or a Mobile Power Plant?" - Just as Tesla proposed that the turbine electric propulsion system, used in battle ships, be employed to provide domestic power in peace time, so also is the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) suggesting that hybrid electric automobiles be used, during their stationary time, to generate power back into the grid. Thereby amortizing the cost of a vehicle while providing a decentralized and highly efficient power system. Although RMI is suggesting fuel cells for a power source, we think the Tesla turbine could make this system even more desirable. Quoting Tesla, 1916: "Applications of this kind will multiply at a rapid rate for the advantages of the electrical drive are now patent to everybody"...4
  • A New Dimension For Power — In engine/generators typically used today, the engine is always much larger than the generator. When the Tesla turbine is used, this ratio is completely reversed...6
  • Wants to Build a "TeslaDyne" — A potential TEBA member tells of his ideas for a Turbo-Generator and seeks contact with nearby members for possible collaboration. He has been investigating ways to recover the latent heat normally lost in the steam cycle...6
  • Cover Story — “A Lighting Machine on Novel Principles” - Images and technical details of Tesla’s heretofore mysterious prototype. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time these images have ever been published...7
  • A TEBA Member Asks — Why TEBA hasn’t given coverage to the bladeless engines shown at the Experimental Aircraft Association’s convention, held in Oshkosh Wisconsin. TEBA explains and presents some sales literature distributed by these companies...12
  • Cohesion Type Turbine — A bladeless turbine patent issued to a resident of the McClellan Air Force Base...14
  • A Commercially Available Tesla Table Fan? — A new product announcement in a French Science magazine appears to be none other than a Tesla Blower...17
  • What We Will Do With Electricity - by Nikola Tesla — Part one of a two part series — Tesla sketches the history of electricity, from Thales to the Bible, Gilbert, Franklin and Faraday to what was then modern developments. He notes the acceleration of progress and makes the statement: “The impossible has happened, the wildest dreams have been surpassed and the astounded world is asking; what is coming next?” He goes on to answer this question, stressing how electrical development must be toward the ending of the barbarous wastage of fuel...18

Summer 1996, #8

  • Member to Member — A networking service available to TEBA members...3
  • Overcoming Cultural Inertia — “How the Strategic Application of Technology Can Help It Win.” An article by the Rocky Mountain Institute explaining the cultural barriers to “Hyper Car” construction techniques...4
  • Overcoming Bladed Cultural Inertia — TEBA offers some facts about the advantages of the Tesla turbine that can be used to counter some of the prevailing erroneous attitudes that blades are required and preferred...5
  • Some Tesla Turbine Comments and References — George Wiseman’s research has found several areas that experimenters have usually neglected when building Tesla Turbines. This is a short overview of the most common mistakes that he has seen. He has also provided our readers with a comprehensive compendium of his Tesla turbine references...6
  • Tesla Engine Valves have No Moving Parts! — The Tesla turbine engine is free of the nightmare of complication that plaques our modern piston engines by using a passive geometry or “Valvular Conduit”...11
  • Capstone Corporation's Compact Turbine - “Capstone” has developed a unique bladed turbine for cogeneration and hybrid vehicles. Performance specs and application information are presented, making for an interesting comparison to bladeless devices...12
  • “World System” of Wireless Transmission of Energy — In this article Tesla describes his other famous power system which he hopes to use with aircraft. Turbine powered aircraft were only to be an intermediate solution with Tesla stating: “anticipating slow progress, I am developing a novel type of flying machine (employing the turbine) which seems to be well suited for meeting the present necessity of a safe, small and compact - aerial flivver - capable of rising and descending vertically.”...14
  • Friction - Turbine — A U.S. patent issued to a Copenhagen native in 1913 suggests some modifications that many have recently speculated could improve efficiency. It is suggested that very narrow disks and spacing be employed. This will increase surface area but creates other problems. This patent is presented for information purposes and is not endorsed by TEBA or Tesla...18

Spring 1996, #7

  • Member to Member — A networking service available to TEBA members...3
  • News Notes — Reported items of interest, including the demise of the 2% electric mandates in California...4
  • To Roughen or Polish — Some have proposed that the bladeless turbine will work much better if the turbine discs are roughened or textured, arguing that aircraft fly faster if their skin is highly polished. From this it is concluded that a polished turbine disk produces less torque and should be roughened. TEBA explains why not...5
  • COVER STORY — The Hydrostatic Transmission - Valentin Technologies has been developing versions of the hydrostatic transmission for many years and has recently placed a full page add/tutorial in the New York Times...6
  • Why Isn’t the Tesla Turbine Commercially Available? — A letter from a TEBA member questions why, if the Tesla bladeless turbine is so superior, hasn't someone made the it commercially available. TEBA explains...8
  • A Fuel that is Over Half Water — Recently the mainstream press has been giving coverage to Ruddy Gunnerman and his high mileage fuel that is half water. The new fuel uses an emulsifier to allow the water and fuel to coexist...9
  • The New Record: 7,591 mpg — A group of French students have shattered the previous record for fuel consumption of 6,409 mpg, establishing a new record over 1,000 mpg higher! The vehicle closely resembles the high mileage vehicle that Tesla envisioned many decades ago...11
  • Steam-Driven Cars; A Technology from the Past — A small segment of an article written by John Silveira which explains that the first practical automobiles were powered by steam and were opposed by powerful interests...11
  • The Gas Turbine Engine — This classic text is a must read for those wishing to fully understand the gas turbine engine as it applies to automobiles. This work documents experiences the auto makers have had with gas turbines and provides invaluable insights...12
  • Multiple Disc Fan With Rotatable Housing — A recently issued patent by a Russian inventor provides a unique solution for obtaining distributed air flow from a bladeless device. The effect resembles that produced by a bladed oscillating table fan. Of particular note is the observation that a bladeless fan generates much less noise than the conventional bladed variety...15
  • Turbine Engine — A patent that reintroduces blades in a misdirected attempt to increase starting torque...18
  • Boeing Builds a Tesla "Flivver" — A vertical take off aircraft based on Tesla's patented design changes from a vertical to a horizontal plane. The aircraft proved to work well until one of its non-Tesla type engines failed...20
  • Man’s Greatest Achievement — An article by Nikola Tesla that appeared in the New York American, July 6, 1930. Tesla ponders the wonders of man and the universe, contemplating man's ultimate destiny...20

Winter 1995-1996, #6

  • Member to Member — A networking service available to TEBA members...3
  • News Notes — Items of interest from the auto industry, including Chryslers new electric mini van: "EPIC"...4
  • The Simple Truth of Tesla’s Monarch — Now that it is becoming widely recognized that the Tesla Turbine Engine does indeed perform as Tesla demonstrated, there are those that contemplate exclusive markets by obtaining "patent protection." TEBA explains the difficulties confronting those possessing this mind set...5
  • The Tesla Oscillating Motor — Prior to his bladeless turbine, Tesla invented a new type of reciprocating steam engine generator. This device can also transmit energy through mechanical resonance. A new book has recently been published describing this machine entitled “Tesla's Earthquake Generator”...6
  • A Simple Demonstration Turbine — A drawing of a combination bladeless pump and turbine, depicted coupled together. Air pressure from a motor driven pump drives the turbine. This concept drawing was inspired by a working device, on display at the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, as can be seen on the video featured below...10
  • Video Review: Nikola Tesla - The Genius Who Lit the World — "A documentary film recounting the life of a man whose achievements led to our modern age." This video is unique in that it is one of the few that gives coverage to Tesla's heat engines including his oscillating motor...11
  • More About Hybrid Drives — A letter from a TEBA member stimulates some discourse including mention of the new world mileage record for "fuel consumption"...12
  • Our Future Motive Power — Nikola Tesla "analyzes the problem of obtaining power to replace our wasted fuel, and indicates the method of tapping the earths hidden resources which will support the industry of future generations" Part Four and Final Installment...15
  • HyperCars 101 - Can Hypercars be Affordable? — According to recent research by the Rocky Mountain Institutes Hypercar center, new high mileage vehicles will be affordable...16
  • Disc Pump or Turbine — A patent granted in 1977 describes a variation of Tesla's bladeless multistage pump. While the variations are not endorsed by TEBA, this patent does present some valid points about disk spacing...17

Autumn 1995, #5

  • Member to Member — A networking service available to TEBA members...3
  • News Notes — Some news about the corporate average fuel economy standards (CAFE) as well as electric and hybrid vehicles, including "single shaft turbine electrics"...4
  • More Jobs, Less Fluff — Hypercars Save More Than Just Fuel — An article on "Hypercars" is reconstructed from the newsletter of the Rocky Mountain Institute. Besides allowing a family sized sedan to travel coast to coast on a single tank of fuel, as first suggested by Tesla, it is also argued that hypercars will reduce waste by requiring less polluting materials in the manufacturing process...5
  • The Eighteen Inch Tesla Turbine Challenge — TEBA challenges its members to build versions of the eighteen inch turbine engine. A full scale drawing of the inner disk geometries that Tesla used is presented. The larger diameter of this turbine engine allows for lower speed operation with higher torque...7
  • "THE IDEA WORKS" Bladeless Turbine Engine — A three dimensional drawing and discussion of a turbine containing a runner six inches in diameter is presented. This all aluminum turbine has been physically examined by TEBA. This prototype contains nozzle blocks similar to those appearing in Tesla’s British patent...9
  • TEBA Member Submits Bladeless Turbine Photos — TEBA member B.J. Rao has kindly provided photographs and a brief elaboration regarding his current turbine/pump investigations...11
  • Why Not a Freon Engine? — TEBA member Charles Bagwell explains that freon and other CFC's are excellent heat transfer agents but are a poor choice to directly drive a turbine due to low expansion ratios...12
  • Our Future Motive Power — Nikola Tesla "analyzes the problem of obtaining power to replace our wasted fuel, and indicates the method of tapping the earths hidden resources which will support the industry of future generations" Part Three...13
  • Variable Speed, Condensing Steam Turbine and Power System — TEBA member Conrad Hauck has submitted a patent granted in 1980 which describes a variation of Tesla's bladeless turbine. While the variations are not endorsed by TEBA, this patent presents some interesting concepts regarding application to autos...15

Summer 1995, #4

  • Member to Member — A networking service available to TEBA members...3
  • News Notes — A new catalytic scrubber may be installed on future vehicles and why so called "Zero Emission Vehicles" aren't...4
  • Get The Lead Out — A new study by engineers at Carnegie Mellon University concludes that high levels of emissions will be created if a large number of lead acid battery based electric vehicles are produced...5
  • More Photos of the Advanced Dynamics Turbine — Additional photographic documentation of the eleven inch Tesla turbine engine is presented as well as a discussion of seals, speed regulation and more...6
  • Tesla Turbo Machinery — A short extract of a paper by Professor Warren Rice submitted to the fourth International Tesla Symposium, Belgrade Yugoslavia, September 1991. This extracted segment describes the then known "Actual Tesla-Type Turbomachinery"...13
  • Turbo-Alternator Generator — A patent issued in 1964 is presented that incorporates an alternator as an integral part of the Tesla turbine engine design, with the disks of the runner also acting as the alternator rotor...14
  • The Aerodynamic Benefits of Star Washers in Tesla’s Turbine — This article, by TEBA member Kevin George contemplates the importance associated with the runners central supports...18
  • Our Future Motive Power — Nikola Tesla “analyzes the problem of obtaining power to replace our wasted fuel, and indicates the method of tapping the earths hidden resources which will support the industry of future generations” Part Two...19

Spring 1995, #3

  • Member to Member — A networking service available to TEBA members...3
  • News Notes — Items of interest concerning Tesla, engine technology and related topics...4
  • Member Constructs Tesla’s Turbo Engine Based on TEBA’s Drawings — TEBA member Advanced Dynamics successfully completes a Tesla Engine based on the drawings provided in the TEBA membership manual, including the variable nozzle design. This rugged unit is capable of developing hundreds of horsepower!...5
  • Laser Cutting; Advice and Encouragement — A letter from TEBA member Russell Greene details his experience with laser cutting and includes photographs of Tesla runners fabricated using laser cutters...13
  • Cleaner Than Clean — What’s Less Polluting Than “Zero - Emission Vehicles” ? Supercars — This article, by the Rocky Mountain Institute, argues that hybrid vehicles are superior to battery electric in every way...14
  • Is the “Hypercar” Coming? — An interview with Amory Lovins, Director and co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Institute, is presented. The supercar has now been coined the “Hypercar,” to distinguish it from other vehicles using the same designation. Mr. Lovins describes this revolutionary high mileage technology...15
  • Good “Till The Last Drop?” — A short tour of a coal fired power plant, conducted by a maintenance engineer, is presented. He explains that the bladed steam turbines must operate with only dry (superheated) steam. Unlike the Tesla turbine, conventional steam turbines cannot ingest even a single water droplet without wreckage...18
  • Comments on Engine Design — George Wiseman comments on Dale Portschi’s previous turbine article...18
  • Our Future Motive Power — Nikola Tesla “analyzes the problem of obtaining power to replace our wasted fuel, and indicates the method of tapping the earths hidden resources which will support the industry of future generations”...19

Winter 1994, #2

  • Member to Member — A new networking service is now available to TEBA members...3
  • News Notes — Items of interest concerning Tesla and engine technology...4
  • Member Attempts Construction of a Tesla Engine for Model Aircraft — TEBA member Paul Keller has submitted a letter and photographs regarding his latest attempt at Tesla Engine Technology...5
  • Those Nasty Exponential Torque Relationships — A response and some advice is given to Paul Keller regarding small engine design considerations including some torque and power relationships to be aware of...7
  • Vortex Gas Turbine — A patent for a variation of Tesla's Engine from 1962 is reproduced and commented on. This patent proposes a unique solution for coupling the Tesla Turbo Compressor and Hot section that includes a vortex combustion technique...8
  • Electric Drive for Battle Ships — An article from 1917 that appeared in the New York Herald is presented. In this article, Tesla proposes the use of the hybrid “Turbo/Dynamo” drive system for ship propulsion...12
  • Gearless Hydraulic Transmissions Again Suggested — A review of an article written by Dale Portschi is presented. Mr. Portschi suggests that Tesla’s turbo machinery be used for mechanical power transmission. Tesla attempted to patent the hydraulic propulsion scheme, allowing mechanical energy to be transmitted gearlessly from one shaft to another, but this patent application was refused by the US patent office...18
  • A Visit to Nikola Tesla — This is the second and final installment of an article by a reporter from Serbia who visits Nikola Tesla at his hotel in New York City...19

Summer 1994, #1

  • News Notes — Items of interest concerning Tesla and his engine technology...3
  • Save The Wardenclyffe Property Project — Your help is needed to avert the destruction of a sacred historical landmark: Tesla's Long Island laboratory structure...5
  • A Visit to the Old Allis Chalmers Plant Site - Tesla Still Needed — A recent tour of the Allis Chalmers site is described. This is where Tesla was involved in bladeless turbine development during the early 1920’s. The facility is now operated by Siemens for the production of bladed turbines for electrical utility cogeneration...6
  • The Turbine Recuperator — Recuperators recover the waste heat of turbines for recirculation to the intake air. Simplified versions of this device are drastically increasing the efficiencies of small bladed turbines and have possible applications for use with the Tesla type turbine engine...7
  • The Turbine Recuperator and Hybrid Electric Vehicles — The Hybrid drive, originally proposed by Tesla, is suggested for use with small bladed turbines equipped with recuperators...10
  • Tesla Pump Comments — A special thanks goes out to George Wiseman for contributing this excellent commentary describing Tesla pumps, detailing both their design and construction...12
  • A Visit to Nikola Tesla — A reporter from Serbia visits with Tesla at his hotel in New York...19 

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