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Source: http://www.lwca.org/library/software/qrs/qrs2.htm

Rik Strobbe, ON7YD, has written a Windows program to send extremely slow CW, a mode which has been used with much success on the noisy LF amateur band in Europe. Instead of measuring code speed in words per minute, though, experimenters have been using speeds that translate to minutes-per-word. The resulting very low information bandwidth enables communication under extremely difficult conditions.

Of course, bandwidths of a fraction of a Hertz are not practical to copy by ear. Many of our readers are familiar with Richard S. Horne's "Spectrogram" program, which now has provisions for copying extremely narrowband transmissions (see our File Library section), but Rik has devised the first Windows tool for keying QRS transmissions.

The program is named QRS for the Q-signal indicating to send at a slower speed. Features that were found in the older version are included, as well as some important new ones.

New in Version 2.05!

The new version now supports DFCW (Dual Frequency CW), a recently developed mode that can transit data at a +/- 300% faster rate than slow-CW (QRSS), but with the same sensitivity.

The QRS program is available in zipped form (200 KB) containing all necessary files. It is copyrighted freeware, meaning it can be used and distributed freely for non-commercial purposes only

This program is copyrighted freeware; all rights reserved. It is made available for non-commercial use by the author, AS-IS, without warranty of any kind. By downloading, you indicate your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

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