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I'm looking for information about some experiments that Nikola Tesla conducted in the Province of Quebec, Canada.  Somebody told me that Tesla had been living in Quebec city during a certain period, and he made some works in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean area.  Any information would be a great help!

According to Arthur Mathews, Tesla demonstrated the wireless transmission of electrical energy around the early 1930s.  The transmitter was assembled in early Spring at a large camp in the woods near Lac Edouard, about 10 miles from Sanford, Quebec, Canada.  The expedition members included Nikola Tesla, Arthur Mathews, Major Henry Sanford of New York City (owner of the camp) and Mrs. Stanford, Ms. Kidd ("a trained nurse"), and "twelve Indian guides" headed up by Gro Louis.  It started out from the city of Quebec at the old Lake Saint John (Lac Saint-Jean) railway station on "a private train consisting of two coaches and a baggage car loaded with electrical equipment."

The transmitter was built in the region of Lac Edouard, about 10 miles from Sanford, Quebec, Canada.

"Major Sanford's camp was located . . . almost 10 miles from the [Sanford] railway station and the only way to get there was by means of a foot path through the bush and a portage on which canoes could carry materials. . . . Everything . . . had to be carried by hand. . . . To make this more convenient, most of the heavy materials . . . had been taken apart and packed in small containers."

From Mathews' description it appears that Tesla recreated the Colorado Springs master oscillator.  The power supply was a gasoline-motor driven 75 KW generator.

This transformer was to transmit power through the earth without using any wires.  After the transmitting transformer had been built, we then built three other transformers to receive the power, which would be sent from this big transformer.  The first one was located about ten miles away in the bush, the second transformer was located at Lake Saint John near Desbiens and the third transformer was built later on at Tadoussac which was on the river Saint Lawrence.

The second receiving transformer was built about 60 miles north of Sanford, just south of Lake Saint John near Desbiens.

The third receiving transformer was built about 120 miles eastnortheast of Sanford, at Tadoussac on the Saint Lawrence River.

For the purpose of making any required adjustments Tesla first used the nearby transformer which was about ten miles from the transmitter.  Power was then sent to this ten mile away transformer and the power sent was considerable and convinced Major Sanford that the idea was practical.  After proving to Major Sanford that his wireless power idea was workable, Tesla then turned his attention to some new things. . . .

The Saguenay Lac Saint Jean region of Canada where Nikola Tesla performed wireless transmission experiments ca. 1931.

There is also a report by the late Andrija Puharich.

It�s not generally known, but Tesla actually had two huge magnifying transmitters built in Canada, and [Arthur] Matthews operated one of them. . . . People mostly know about the Colorado Springs transmitters and the unfinished one on Long Island.  I saw the two Canadian transmitters.  All the evidence is there. . . .

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